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India’s consumer price index (CPI) rose in November 2021

As non-seasonal rains offset the support of fuel excise tax cuts, vegetable prices soared, and India’s consumer price index (CPI) or retail inflation rose in November 2021.

The CPI in November this year was 4.91%, higher than the 4.48% in October 2021. However, CPI was lower than 6.93% in the same month last year.

CPI inflation has risen to a three-month high.

In November 2021, the Consumer Food Price Index (CFPI) inflation rate rose to 1.87% from 0.85% in the previous month. Compared with the 9.50% recorded in November last year, food inflation has slowed down.

Price data was collected from selected 1,114 urban markets and 1,181 villages covering all states/UTs, and collected through personal visits by field staff from the Field Operations Division of the National Bureau of Statistics on the weekly roster. In November 2021, the National Bureau of Statistics collected 99.7% of the prices in the villages and 98.4% of the urban markets, of which the reported market prices were 89.4% in rural areas and 92.8% in urban areas.mandibhav