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The government buys over 26 million tons of wheat.

New Delhi.  The amount of wheat purchased by government agencies during the current rabi marketing season (2024–25; April–June) has surpassed 26 million tonnes (MT) and is expected to surpass last year’s purchase of 26.2 MT in the coming days, after a slow start due to a delayed harvest.

Even though total grain procurement up to Saturday was 26.07 MT, somewhat less than the same amount as the previous year, procurement is probably going to continue until the end of the month. The food ministry estimated at the start of the season that it would buy 30-31 MT of wheat this year.
The largest suppliers of central pool stock, five agencies in Punjab tasked with procurement, are expected to purchase a record 12.5 MT of wheat this season, of which 12.4 MT has already been bought from farmers.

Thus far, the minimum support price (MSP) operations for central pool stock in Haryana have resulted in the acquisition of 7.14 MT of wheat, and the state has concluded the purchase operations.

Nevertheless, in Madhya Pradesh, where MSP operations were initiated early, the procurement of wheat has been relatively low, amounting to only 4.71 MT. This figure falls significantly short of the 7 MT purchased from farmers during the previous season. It is anticipated that the state will procure approximately 5 MT of wheat, which is considerably lower than the initial projection of 8 MT. mandibhav



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