mandi bhav of india

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A bullish price trend in the short-supply of chana and tur is managed by imported yellow peas.

New Delhi :-The largest increase in yellow pea imports in the previous six years has come from Russia and Canada.

Prices of chana and tur dal within the country have been rising, leading to concerns about affordability and accessibility for many people. To address this issue, less expensive pulses are being used in street food, hotel and restaurant, snack food, and pulse processing industries. In December, the government allowed duty-free imports of yellow peas due to the high cost of chana and tur dal. There are already significant amounts of imported yellow peas in the pipeline, which are currently the least expensive pulse on the market, at about Rs 42/kg. It is expected that another 900,000 to 1 million tons of yellow peas will arrive by June, in addition to the 600,000 tonnes that have already been imported.Mandi bhav