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Govt issues export orders for 8.2 lakh tn of additional sugar

New Delhi.The government has issued export orders for 8.2 lakh tonne of additional sugar from August 1, and for balance 2.2 lakh tonne of sweetener will be given later this
week, according to a senior Food Ministry official. The government had imposed
curbs on sugar exports beyond 100 lakh tonne from June 1 to boost local
availability of the commodity and control higher prices.
However, improvement in sugar stocks due to higher production and weak sugar
demand in the domestic market led the government to reconsider and allow 12
lakh tonne of additional sugar exports from August 1.
“About 101.6 lakh tonne of sugar has already been exported. The export release order for 8.2 lakh tonne of additional sugar
has already been issued and for the balance quantity will be issued later this week,” the official told PTI.

The country’s sugar production has crossed 356 lakh tonne so far in the 2021-22 season ending September. Total sugar
output is expected to be around 360 lakh tonne this year, higher than 322 lakh tonne achieved in the 2020-21 season, the
official said.
Even after the easing of export curbs, closing sugar stocks of 60 lakh tonne would be maintained.
Sugarcane crushing in key states of Maharasthra, Uttar Pradesh and other states is set to begin in October and there
would be sufficient availability of sugar in the country, the official added.PTI