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The center provides processed moon and Urad pulses

NEW DELHI: The Centre has offered to provide processed moong and urad pulses from its buffer stock to state governments for retail sale at a subsidised rate in the current lean period in a bid to check any possible price rise, according to Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan.

Moong will be offered at Rs 92 per kg and urad at Rs 84-96 per kg, much lower than

much lower than prevailing retail market prices, she said.

“This is a new retail price intervention mechanism which has been approved by the Group of Ministers recently. Under this initiative, the central government will provide processed moong and urad to state governments either in bulk

bulk quantity or in one or half kilo pack for retail sale,” Nandan told PTI.

Pulses will be offered from the buffer stock created with the Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF). States after evaluating their requirement can lift pulses from the central buffer by paying upfront, she said. Pti