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Government may reduce the moisture content limit of wheat and rice

New Delhi.A recent draft proposal by the federal government to change moisture limits for wheat and rice has farmers worried ahead of the rabies buying season that begins in April 2022.

According to discussions between the Federal Department of Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution and U.S. food companies, the ideal moisture content for wheat could be reduced from 14% to 12%, and the ideal moisture content for rice could be reduced from 17% to 16%. India (FCI), which purchases food from farmers at minimum support prices (MSP).

Currently, when selling wheat stocks to the FCI above the 12% limit, farmers are required to take a price cut on the MSP. Stocks with more than 14% moisture will be rejected. If the proposal is enacted, it would not purchase wheat stocks with a moisture content above 12%, even with a price cut.

Moisture content has always been a sensitive issue for farmers.