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Guar gum in Jodhpur declined

New Delhi, : Guar gum in Jodhpur market declined from Rs 8350/8400 to Rs 7700/7800  per qtl due to speculative selling pressure. Guar also fell from Rs 3875/3925 to Rs 3700/3750. In Ahmadabad market, guar gum decreased by Rs 600 to Rs 7700/7800 and guar gum softened by Rs 175  to Rs 3650/3700 per qtl.  In Haryana, guar in loose fell to Rs 3500/3550 per qtl on slow offtake. Notably, these days last year in Jodhpur market, guar and guar gum traded at Rs 3350/3400 and 7200/7300 per qtl. In NCDEX, guar gum June delivery fell from Rs 8231 to Rs 7685 per qtl due to weak buying from speculative. Guar too witnessed a loss of Rs 200 at Rs 3673.  Crude oil in overseas market descended by $ 2 to $ 65 per barrel. According to trade source, at present, demand from exporters is weak, so guar market may ease further in the coming days