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Guar in Jodhpur mandi declined

Guar in Jodhpur market declinedby Rs 50 to Rs 4100/4150per qtl due to weakindustrial demand. Guar gum too eased by Rs 100 to Rs 7600/7700 per qtl on negligible offtake. Guar churi also eased by Rs 50 to Rs 2350/2400 owingto lowerdemand from cattle feed manufacturers. In Ahmadabad market too, guar decreased from Rs 4100/4150 to Rs 4050/4100and guar gum declined from Rs 7700/7800 to Rs 7600/7700. In Hisar market too, guar eased from Rs 3900/3950 to Rs 3850/3900. In NCDEX, guar gum delivery fell from Rs 7717 to Rs 7447, while guar declined from Rs 4212 to Rs 4120 per qtl on speculative selling. In said period, crude oil soared from $ 60.36 to $ 63.04 per barrel in overseas market. Notably, the market is not likely to go down next week seeing local and export demand