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Gujarat announces relief package for rain-hit farmers

The Gujarat government on Wednesday announced a relief package of Rs 700 crore for the farmers in the state, whose crops have been damaged due to excess rains this year.

Talking to reporters, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the move would benefit over four lakh farmers in the state.

Farmers in Gujarat witnessed damage to their crops due to excess rains that lashed the state even after the monsoon season officially ended.

The cabinet meeting held today decided to declare a relief package for farmers who have faced crop losses due to excess rains in the last week of October and early part of November,” Patel said.

“We have decided to give a relief package of Rs 700 crore for the farmers. The main crops that have been damaged are groundnut, cotton and rice…Over four lakh farmers will benefit from this package,” he said.

The relief package will be over and above the crop insurance that the companies will provide to the farmers who under the insurance cover. The relief will be given as per the rules of the central government’s Calamity Relief Fund, Patel said.