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Gujarat’s oilseeds and beans region shows impressive increase

As the seeding activities entered the final stage, the seeding of kharif in Gujarat is progressing smoothly.


The latest data shows that the total planting area under this crop is 84.81 billion hectares, an increase of about 1.63% over the same period last year (as of September 7, 2020). The area of ​​oilseeds continued to increase sharply, increasing by 20.43% to 29.11 billion hectares.

Among them, the amount of peanuts sowed has soared by 33%, while the sowing area of ​​soybeans has increased by nearly 49% over last year. Among other commodities, the area of ​​cotton has decreased by 14.52%, and the area of ​​melon seeds has also decreased by approximately 15.50%. The total area of ​​cereals decreased slightly, and the area of ​​beans increased by 8.45% year-on-year