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Jeera futures decline

Jeera fell  yesterday due to reports of increased cumin seed planting in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Cumin planting area in Gujarat is only 63,144 hectares, compared with 168,000 hectares in the same period last year, while cumin planting area in Rajasthan is 175,000 hectares. Pressure is also seen as the sufficient inventory of traders and farmers may put prices under pressure at a higher level. Due to bad weather, the production of Jeera in Syria and Turkey is limited, which increases the demand for Indian cumin.

According to data from the Spice Council of India, between April and September, the export volume of Indian spices fell by 8% year-on-year to 780,273 tons. In terms of value, exports increased by 3% to Rs 1,546 crore. India exported 77,245 tons of turmeric from April to September, a year-on-year decrease of 26%.