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Natural farming to start in 5,200 villages of Madhya Pradesh from June: CM

New Delhi, Apr 25  Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday announced that natural farming will start in 5,200 villages of the state from June and the government will also provide Rs 900 per month to farmers for maintaining indigenous cows.

Addressing a national workshop on innovative agriculture through virtual mode, he pointed out that the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides has increased in order to increase the production of various crops.

The excessive use of chemical fertilisers has resulted in deterioration of soil health and there is a need to stop this, Chouhan said.

“If we want to protect mother earth, we will have to eliminate the use of chemicals fertilisers and pesticides,” he said.

Chouhan noted that natural farming is a good alternative and better than organic farming while emphasising creating a conducive environment as well as awareness among farmers.

He said the MP government has already set up a dedicated board and also a task force to promote natural farming.

Chouhan said the state government will also promote natural farming on both sides of the banks of the Narmada river.

“We will start natural farming in 5,200 villages from June,” the MP Chief Minister said, adding that the state government would also provide Rs 900 per month to farmers for keeping indigenous cows as cow dung and cow urine play an important role in natural farming.

Pointing out that around Rs 1.8 lakh crore is being provided by the Centre for fertilisers subsidy, Chouhan said there is a need to provide subsidies to farmers for the promotion of natural farming.

The MP Chief Minister highlighted that irrigation facilities have been enhanced in the state to 43 lakh hectares and the state has become the biggest wheat producer in the country. The procurement of wheat has also been enhanced. PTI