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Pulses Decreased In Kanpur Market

At Kanpur market , Chana Desi is trading weak at Rs. 4500-4525 per quintal, down by 1.63 per cent from previous day’s price level.

Tur Desi at market is offered lower at Rs. 3900-3910 per quintal, lower by 1.01 per cent from previous price level.

Moong Desi at market is quoted weak at Rs. 4800-4900 per quintal, down by 1.01 per cent as compared to previous day.

Masoor Local at market is offered lower at Rs. 3900-3950 per quintal, lower by 4.82 per cent from previous trading day.

Rajma Chitra at market is trading at Rs. 8300-8900 per quintal, steady against previous close.

Peas imported at market is quoted at Rs. 4300-4400 per quintal, steady as against previous close.

Pulses in Kanpur Market (Prices in Rs. per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Kanpur Chana Desi 4500-4525 -75
Tur Desi 3900-3910 -40
Moong Desi 4800-4900 -50
Masoor Local 3900-3950 -200
Rajma Chitra 8300-8900 0
Peas imported 4300-4400 0