mandi bhav of india

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Select pulses traded higher

The wholesale pulses displayed a firm trend as select pulses led by kabuli gram rose by up to Rs 200 per on emergence of stockists buying following uptick in demand from retailers.

Traders said stockists buying, driven by pick up in demand from retailers against restricted supplies from growing regions mainly led to rise in kabuli gram and other pulses prices.

Higher enquiries from dal mills also supported the uptend, they said.

In the national capital, kabuli gram small variety rose by R 200 to Rs 4,900-5,900 per

Arhar and its dal dara variety edged up by Rs 50 and Rs 100 to Rs 4,250 and Rs 6,000-7,900 per quintal, respectively.

Masoor small and bold also moved up by Rs 100 each to Rs 3,550-3,700 and Rs 3,650-3,800 per respectively. Its dal local and best quality traded higher by Rs 200 each to Rs 3,900-4,300 and Rs 4,000-4,400 per

Moong and its dal chilka (Local) gained Rs 100 each to Rs 4,800-5,500 and Rs 5,600-5,800 per Its dal dhoya local and best quality followed suit and enquired higher by a similar margin to Rs 6,200-6,700 and Rs 6,700-6,900 per

In line with overall trend, moth and rajma chitra edged higher by Rs 100 each to Rs 3,600-4,000 and Rs 6,100-8,100 per

Following are today’s pulses’ rates (in Rs per quintal): Urad Rs 3,850-5,150, Urad Chilka (local) Rs 4,700-4,800, Urad best Rs 4,800-5,300, Dhoya Rs 5,200-5,400, Moong Rs 4,800-5,500, Dal Moong Chilka local Rs 5,600-5,800, Moong Dhoya local Rs 6,200-6,700 and best quality Rs 6,700-6,900.

Masoor small Rs 3,550-3,700, bold Rs 3,650-3,800, Dal Masoor local Rs 3,900-4,300, best quality Rs 4,000-4,400, Malka local Rs 3,950-4,150, best Rs 4,050-4,350, Moth Rs 3,600-4,000, Arhar Rs 4,250 Dal Arhar Dara Rs 6,000-7,900.

Gram Rs 3,900-4,000, Gram dal (local) Rs 4,000-4,400, best quality Rs 4,400-4,500, Besan (35 kg), Shakti bhog Rs 1,900, Rajdhani Rs 1,900, Rajma Chitra Rs 6,100-8,100, Kabuli Gram small Rs 4,900-5,900, Dabra Rs 2,700-2,800, Imported Rs 4,700-5,100, Lobia Rs 3,400-3,600, Peas white Rs 2,825-2,850 and green Rs 2,925-3,025.