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Spices Decreased In Indore Market

At Indore market , Turmeric Sangli is trading lower at price Unit 115-126 per kg, down by 3.08 per cent from previous trading day.

Turmeric Nizamabad at market is offered weak at price Unit 97-107 per kg, down by 3.6 per cent as against previous day.

Supari z at market is quoted firm at price Unit 255-295 per kg, up by 1.72 per cent as compared to previous day.

Black Pepper Pepper at market is offered weak at price Unit 385-415 per kg, down by 10.75 per cent against previous day.

Jeera Unjha (best) at market is trading weak at price Unit 198-208 per kg, down by 14.05 per cent from previous day’s price level.

Clove l at market is quoted at price Unit 600-650 per kg, steady as against previous close.

Spices in Indore Market (Prices in price Unit per kg)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Indore Turmeric Sangli 115-126 -4
Turmeric Nizamabad 97-107 -4
Supari z 255-295 +5
Black Pepper Pepper 385-415 -50
Jeera Unjha (best) 198-208 -34
Clove l 600-650 0