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Traders” strike in Raj agri mandis against 2pc charge to continue till May 15

The traders” strike in 247 mandis across Rajasthan against the 2 per cent Krishak Kalyan charge levied by the state government on the purchase and sale of agricultural goods will continue till May 15, a traders” body said on Monday.

On May 5, the Rajasthan government had imposed Krishak Kalyan charge of 2 per cent on all agricultural purchase and sale in mandis for financing the Rs 1,000 crore Farmers” Welfare Fund.

Mandi traders have been on strike since May 6 to demand withdrawal of this fee.

President of Rajasthan Food Trade Association Babu Lal Gupta said the strike has been extended till May 15 as the government did not take any positive step.

He said further decision in this movement will also depend on future course of action taken by the government.

About 247 agricultural produce mandis of the state are closed due to this strike.

Gupta said that levying such a fee in this time of crisis is fatal for the food merchants of the state.

Officials said the burden of the fee will not be passed on to farmers and traders.

Principal Secretary (Agriculture) Naresh Pal Gangwar said farmers and traders will not bear the burden of farmers” welfare fees imposed on the purchase and sale of produce in the agricultural produce market.

He said that market and development fees in neighbouring states is still higher than Rajasthan.

The amount received from this fee will be used solely for farmer welfare. This fee will not be collected from the farmers, he had said. PTI