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Turmeric Moving Down In Duggirala Market

At Duggirala market in Kerala, Turmeric Gattha is trading lower at price Unit 7500-8000 per Qtl, lower by 13.98 per cent from previous day’s price level.

Turmeric Kadi at market is offered lower at price Unit 7500-8100 per Qtl, lower by 14.74 per cent as compared to previous day.

Turmeric Gattha (polish) at market is quoted lower at price Unit 7700-8200 per Qtl, down by 15.46 per cent as compared to previous day.

Turmeric Kadi Bilti (Polish) at market is offered weak at price Unit 8200 per Qtl, down by 19.61 per cent from previous trading day.

Turmeric in Kerala Market (Prices in price Unit per Qtl)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Duggirala Turmeric Gattha 7500-8000 -1300
Turmeric Kadi 7500-8100 -1400
Turmeric Gattha (polish) 7700-8200 -1500
Turmeric Kadi Bilti (Polish) 8200 -2000