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Kabuli gram improved

New Delhi,: Today, tur in Mumbai was being quoted up Rs 50 at Rs 3625. Consequently, here, tur lemon rose to Rs 3850 with the same ratio and its dal was increased by Rs 100 per qtl by the millers. Masoor MMTC went up Rs 50 at Rs 3550 while masoor from MP in builty too increased by Rs 25 to Rs 3825. Dal and malka experienced a gain of Rs 40/50. Gram desi Rajasthani at Lawrence Road jumped by Rs 50 to Rs 3800 and its dal increased by Rs 50/75 to Rs 4250/4500. Moong as quality wise firmed up Rs 50/100 at Rs 4900/5450 due to thin arrivals from the major producing regions of UP. While dal and chhilka gained Rs 50. Rajmash chitra ascended by Rs 100 to Rs 7600/8000 because its price in China jumped by $ 20/25 to $ 1230/1240 per tonne. Kabuli gram improved by Rs 100 while best quality stock without filtered was sold at Rs 5500.