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Retail impulse inflation may remain below 5%

New Delhi.India’s pulse retail inflation rate Expected to be less than 5%
In the second half of the current fiscal year,India Ratings and Research Representation
on Monday.According to the agency, this estimate is
High price based on period The same period of the previous fiscal year
And the measures taken by the center  To meet the growing demand.
India is one of the main consumers, producers and importers of pulses.

Besides, the agency cited that the demand-supply mismatch had led to high
inflation in pulses in the country.
“The Covid-19 pandemic aggravated the demand-supply gap as households
increased their consumption of pulses to shift towards healthy eating habits
and build immunity. As a result, retail pulses inflation increased to 16.4 per
cent in FY21 from 9.9 per cent in FY20,” the ratings agency said.
Notably, WPI inflation saw a decline during the same period to 11.6 per cent
from 15.9 per cent, suggesting a higher mark-up by retailers or hoarding or
“The retail inflation in pulses remained in double digits in FY21. This was
despite a record production of 25.72 million tonnes on the back of higher
minimum support prices and higher procurement by central and state
agencies which incentivised farmers to grow more pulses,” the agency added.